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WZ series assembled thermistor

Product Name: WZ series assembled thermistor WZ series assembled thermistor

Product No.: 135954-889
Product model: 0
Updated on: June 14, 2009
Manufacturer: thermo couple -- Shanghai Feilong instrument & Electrical Co., Ltd
Product details

I. description

Industrial thermistor as a temperature sensor, usually with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic adjustment

The economizer is used together. It can directly measure the liquid from - 200 ℃ to - 420 ℃ in various production processes

Body, vapor and gas media, and solid surface temperatures.

According to the national regulations, our company has been producing products that conform to the IEC international standard index since 1995

PTl00 platinum thermistor and cu50 copper thermistor conforming to professional standard graduation are two kinds of assembly and unified design

Type a thermistor.

2、 Measurement range and accuracy

Thermal resistance category

Temperature measurement range ℃


Allowable deviation △ t ℃

WZP type platinum resistance



Class B (- 200 ~ 800 ℃)

Tolerance level ± (0.30 ± 0.005| t|)

Class A (- 200 ~ 650 ℃)

Tolerance level ± (0.15 ± 0.002| t|)

WZC type copper resistance



-50~150 C

Tolerance ± (0.30 + 6.0x10-3t)

Note: "t" in the formula is the absolute value of the measured temperature of the temperature sensing element.

3、 How it works

Industrial thermal resistance is divided into two categories: platinum thermal resistance and copper thermal resistance.

Thermal resistance is to measure the temperature by using the property that the resistance of the substance changes with the change of temperature

Degree. The heating part (temperature sensing element) of the thermal resistance is made of thin metal wire evenly double wound in the insulating material

On the skeleton. When the temperature gradient exists in the measured medium, the measured temperature is within the range of the temperature sensing element

The average temperature in the medium layer.

The assembled thermal resistance is mainly composed of junction box, protective tube, terminal block, insulating sleeve and temperature sensing element group

The utility model has the basic structure and is composed of various mounting and fixing devices.

The temperature sensing element of WZP type platinum resistance is a platinum wire winding, and the double branch platinum resistance is mainly used for two sets of required

Display, record or adjust the temperature of the same place at the same time. The temperature sensing element of WZC copper resistor is

A copper wire winding.

Name: WZ series assembled thermistor

Alias: assembly type thermal resistance, assembly type platinum resistance, assembly type copper resistance, assembly type armored thermal resistance, WZP

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Product map:

1. Shanghai assembled thermal resistance, Shanghai assembled thermal resistance belt thread

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